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How To Reheat Burger In Air Fryer – Useful Tips For Cooker

Burger is one of those dishes that are quite tricky to reheat after being refrigerated. It has a lot of layers, and its components require a different temperature. Let’s answer the question “Can I reheat burger in air fryer?” to explore how to do this task effectively in this article!

Why Needs to Reheat Burger Before Serving?

Why Needs to Reheat Burger Before Serving_

After a summer party, leftover burgers in your fridge are almost inevitable. But the wonderful dish loses its appeal after getting soggy, and you will find yourself, which is a shame!

Everyone knows that reheating food will not only save you from losing your appetite towards it. But also eliminate the colony of harmful bacterias formed on your food over time. Reheating your food after having refrigerated greatly reduces the danger of upset stomachs and food poisoning only if you do it correctly.

“How do I know if I’m reheating my burger properly?”, you might ask. Here are a few credentials if you plan to use a microwave oven:

  • You must preheat any device you plan to reheat your food on.
  • Flipping the burger every now and then in the microwave oven is advisable.
  • After you have heated up your burger, be sure to eat it right after to avoid bacteria making a comeback.
  • The burger should be steaming and hot to the touch after heating.

This sounds rather complicated, right? We will let you in on a little secret: All of these steps will be much simpler instead!

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Can I Reheat Burger In Air Fryer?

If you don’t have an air fryer in your kitchen, you’re missing out on so much right now! They have proven themselves to the market that it is versatile enough to replace a lot of your current kitchen appliances.

You can fry (obviously), bake, grill, and reheat your food so easily in such a compact device. Hence that it is honestly a waste if you do not own one.

However, not everyone who owns an air oven knows how to use it properly or use it to its maximum potential. Especially with burgers, people tend to forget that its multi-layer makes it rather more complicated to reheat than other foods. Here are a few tips you might need:

Can I Reheat Burger In Air Fryer_

#Tip 1

Try taking off the burger lid. The way air oven transfer heat to your food is through a flow of hot air around it, so when you leave the lid on the burger, there will be two possibilities: The lid gets burnt since it’s not made to receive the same level of heat as meat, or the lid flies off somewhere else anyway.

If you want your lid hot as well, try adding it in around the last 30 seconds of the cooking duration instead of letting it stay full time.

#Tip 2

You do not have to preheat this particular kitchen appliance like other ovens and grills. Since a burger needs lower heating to be done properly, preheating will be unnecessary. If you happen to do that before reading this article, we are surprised that your food doesn’t burn more often.

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#Tip 3

Since a burger can be quite thick, you should check for its temperature not only by touching the surface but by examining the insides as well. An air fryer’s cooking mechanism, as we’ve mentioned before, can be quite surface level as it blows hot air around the food item.

You don’t have to break the burger up to know that it is properly cooked, nor use fancy tools like needle thermometers. Simply poke a cocktail stick or a butter knife into the center of your food, and if the item is hot to the touch, you can safely pull your burger out from the air oven!

Hamburgers can be tough for heat to get through.
Hamburgers can be tough for heat to get through.

#Tip 4

Not every burger is the same size, so please compare their cooking time. If you are reheating something like a Big Mac or a Burger King’s Whopper, it may take 1-2 minutes more than the time a quarter pounder would take.

You may use your past experiences as a reference or have the air fryer at 5 minutes as standard and decide whether you need to heat it for a long afterward. Reheat time can be confusing, so if you have recurring dishes, you should record the time and heat settings you use for those!

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How Long to Reheat Your Burger in Air Fryer?

As we have mentioned, the thicker the burger or the more components in the burger, the longer the reheating time. This is to prevent being reliant on one time. And heat settings for all burgers of different sizes and end up either undercooking or burning the delicious meal.

You will want a medium-sized burger – such as the McDonalds’ Quarter Pounder for at least 6 minutes. This includes the time of checking in at different intervals.

With a thick burger, you should not try to save time.
With a thick burger, you should not try to save time.

Other Safety Advices

Other than all that heat-related debacle, there are still a few notes to make regarding safety while using an air fryer.

Since an air oven is dependent on its hot air flow to cook the food. Please don’t stack or cram items inside the fryer’s compartment as this prevents the air from flowing smoothly. Instead, divide your items into small batches, and you will have an easier time checking on each item’s doneness.

As with all reheating methods, you should only use to heat up a leftover burger once. The reason behind this is that whenever your food is cool, the chance of harmful bacteria forming on top of it multiplies, thus increasing the risk of food poisoning.

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And that’s all we have on air fryers today. Now with your new knowledge, you can not only know how to reheat burger in air fryer but also prepare other delicious recipes for your family as well! Have fun with the device, and should you run into any problems, we are here to help.